The Highest Form of Flattery

The fun and value of surfing the blogosphere is that you get good ideas for your own blog. So, I can't take credit for these ideas, but the results will be mine. In all fairness, I will link you to the originators, both bloggerss whom I fiind fascinating.


Explain America to someone NOT American, but you can only use ten movies to do it. Which ten do you choose?(Now, these do not have to be history movies, they can illustrate something unique about American values or character or “the American experience”). This is a tough one - which are your picks? and why, if you like…

My Picks :
1. In America - Irish family comes to America to make it; lives poor, grows rich in spirit ( The American Dream)

2. Rocky -somewhat same story as above, without the immigrants reference, kind of like a rags to riches story

3. Nine to Five - women's struggle, revenge but in a fun way, worker vs the Bosses, maybe a better choice would have been Working Girl, whch I liked better as a movei, but I LOVED the getting high scene in 9 to 5 and I think Dolly Parton is sincere and all american in a good way.

4. Birth of a Nation - in spite of its rascist displays or maybe because this movie says a great deal about our counry, where it was, how far its come and how far it has to go.

5.M*A*S*H - an American war movie for all time I would also have liked to inclued Glory

6. Strawberry Statement - I guess because I'm a boomer and at the time this movie spoke to me loud and clear.

7. Blazing Saddles - Well, a Western had to be included and this is as close as I come to having seen one. Anyway, a Jewish cowboy and Mel Brooks......aren't they both as American as apple pie?

8. Oh Brother Where Art Thou - Appalachia....culture, people music...American roots

9. Advise and Consent - American politics

10. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - An American story if ever there was one and Tracy and Hepburn....also says Americanwhen it comes to movies.

This is my list of ten, waiting to read those of others.


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Diane S. said...

Fabulous list! I shall have to give some thought to what mine would be, but To Kill a Mockingbird would be in there somewhere, as would Born on the Fourth of July, and maybe Mississippi Burning.

But geez louise! What a grim picture of America I'd be painting!

Okay. Add Far and Away. That gets us some America as Land of Opportunity. Keep Oh Brother! Where Art Thou? for all the reasons you mentioned. That's five. Lessee...

A Home of Our Own (Kathy Bates movie, really fabulous, but not a Big Picture sort of movie - also a good glimpse of a single mother trying to make it in America.)

Places in the Heart for a look at America in the Great Depression, and a good glimpse of Texas to boot.

The Last of the Mohicans to give an honest account of what America has done to her native population.

All the President's Men because here we go again.

And finally, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to represent the America I hope we aspire to.

BUT, I'm leaving out some truly fabulous historical movies, like Ron Howard's Apollo 13! Oh! So many movies. Such hard choices. Maybe America is too big for just 10 movies.

Fabulous post! Fabulous idea!