First Post

I am a novice blogger, I guess you could say, a newbie blogger, in cyber-parlance. In any case, I'm just trying to set up my own Blog and eventually I will post whatever it is I am thinking, doing, reading, etc. One thing I am really hoping to do is to connect with like-minded people regarding different aspects of my life. For now all I want is to set-up this thing and maybe to get a little encouragement from those of you out there, more in the know than I. So, if you are readiing this, please respond "IN KIND".


DeAnna said...

Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere.
I'm reading!

Judy said...

Just wanted to let you know I am checking your BLOG.

Sherril said...

DeAnna, thanks so much for being my very first COMMENT and I accept your welcome to this world of Blogs.
Judy, are you Judy, as in Goldstein, or another Judy? I wonder.