I like many Americans found myself involved in politcs, in a real way, for the first time in my life during the last presidential election. When Kerry lost the election and I, again like many others, finally arose from the depths of disappointed depression, I thought that that would be it. I would continue to read the political emails sent me from MoveOn, PFAW, DSCC, The Million Mom's March (I attended the first one), Stop the NRA.com and Women't groups lke NARAL and Emily's List, as well as many from environmental organizations. I would continue to donate as much as and to as many as I could. I would send fourth the occassional email to encourage others to be somewhat involved. And, I figured that would be about the extent of my involvement.

Then I found a local NJ grassroots organization that started as a group of people much like me, i.e. virutal newbies to politics. This organization, BlueWave, NJ is amazing. For anyone in the northern NJ area, who is the least bit interested in trying to do something to impove on the State of our country, take a look at BlueWave. At the first BlueWave meeting I attended, many people got up to speak, one of them being this petite woman who was on a mission. She, having done mothing more in the world of politics than becomeing the president of her local Democratic Committee in Kennilworth, NJ. Avery Hart is her name and in the end she ran an amazing election for the NJ State Legislature.

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