I am a person with progressive, dare I use the L word,
beliefs. Let's say you are a person with
beliefs. Let's talk about the A word,
. Now, if we want to stay friends or even be able to be civilized with one another, we probably have to avoid that topic, right? Wrong! I think there are some things we can all agree on. What we would like to see less of in this country is the need for abortion. What we would like to see more of is less unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Can we agree on that? If we can, and I think many reasonable, thoughtful people do, then perhaps we can find solutions instead of making bigger problems by trying to change the Constitution.

The important thing is to find common ground and there has been a bill proposed in the Senate that does just that. The link above will take you to a site explaining this act, called the Prevention First Act (S.20). I went to the website of the Senate where you can track bills
and found that this one has not as yet been sent up in written form. I urge people to contact their senators and bring this to the forefront. I think we would be a better country....that we could combine our ideas and efforts, find middle ground, and instead of being red or blue, why not become purple?

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Larry Mann said...

I suggest that the nation already IS purple. On a map on tv or in printe media, discreet colors work best, much like a weekly weather forecast shows a clud with droplets coming out of whther we expect 1/4 inch of rain or 20 inches of rain.

Do this. Get some red paint and get some blue paint. Look at the last election and put 100 drops of paint on each state in proportion to how the vote went, blue for Democrat or red for Republican. If you'd like to get some green paint for Nader please do so, but make sure that it was made without animal testing, without "corporate" (dirty word) money, and the profits are used to lift all colors up together.

ANyway, you end up with a lot of purple. MOST of which look like an almost identical shade of purple. 52/48 is almost the same as 48/52.

We are already purple on many issues.