">Link As if being against Roe VS Wade weren't enough, Judge Samuel Alito has voted to loosen the restrictions on machine guns.

You know, if this Alito guy is all he's jacked up to be, we are in big touble....not only will we have to go to an illegal abortionist should we need one, but we will have to go armed to the teeth in order to fight off the uzis and machine guns that will be on the streets; Gays will probably have to step back into the closet and minorities will have to "mind their manners". Jeez, the way it's going, I wont be surprised if the "new" Supreme Court" finds a way to rid us of the maxim, "innocent, until proven guilty" and will find many ways to RE-ATTACH Church and State. I believe that this country is going to hell in a basket and it might be a very steep and long way to climb back up.

So, I once again sent my thirty bucks
to StoptheNRA.com because I truly detest the NRA and all it stands for. I have signed the petitions and sent the letters telling our Senators and representatives to look carefully at Alito's so called paper trail and I guess to ultimately vote against him, from all that we are learning or already know about him.
I'm afraid all this politicking is making me into a very snarly and cranky person and as far as I'm concerned if we could Stop the NRA and get Tomlinson and all his psycho-conservative goons out of Public TV and Radio http://www.freepress.net/action/cpbsweep and take Cheney down with "Scooter" Libby, and while we're at it, push Bush aside with Karl Rove..., then, maybe THEN I will regain my sweet composure and open-minded stance. But for now, I am mad and I'm not going to take it any more. Well, I guess I am going to take it more, but I must vent now and again and I must ask you to join me in at least some of these activities to THROW THE BUMS OUT (and that includes the newest bum, Samual A. Alito).


Diane S. said...

Completely with you on the NRA, and shocked at Alito's support for machine guns. Do these fanatics think the 2nd Amendment gave them the right to keep and bear nuclear missiles in their back yards?

Interesting note: In Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine", Charlton Heston, head of the NRA said, "I'm just exercising on one of the rights passed down to me from those wise, old white guys who founded this country." I hit rewind four times. Yes. He really said "white".

I think that speaks volumes for the whole mind set. What a jerk!

Sherril said...

Take a look at what has come up regarding Alito....machine guns are just a small part of the problem with him. Cut and paste the following link into your web browser to find out Alito's intentions for Roe vs Wade.