How quick people are to jump on their respective bandwagons and engage in name calling and all sorts of nonsense not backed up with facts. Such was the case in response to the Parsippany, NJ teacher who was just doing his job and doing it well. Rather than lecture at his student, Mr. Kyle, the Parsippany High School teacher who teaches Advanced Placement Government classes among others, chose to set up what initially was called a "trial", but was changed to "debate" long before all of the brouhaha occurred, first with blogs and talk radio and then with those "Freethinking Freeholders" of ours in Morris County, NJ (Republicans all, it should be noted). (See my last blog for further explanation).

Anyway, when the matter was brought in front of the Parsippany Board of Education, 200 people showed up at the meeting, including many of Mr. Kyle's student who came to support their exceptional teacher and his intelligent teaching methods that bring home the point by making the students actually think critically, prepare arduously, and present thoughtfully to their fellow students. As one of the students said at the BOE meeting, "Why could doing something as free, as democratic or as American as this (the debate), have anything but praise for it?"

In the end, Mr. Kyle was not censured or punished, in fact, much of the community who may not have known of him and his excellent teaching style before, now do.
Justice was done and hopefully the Morris County Freeholders learned that even during "war time" DEMOCRACY is our American value.


Rachel said...

Hi Sherril, thanks for visiting my blog recently. I love to hear advice from mothers "who have already been there". I believe time does fly so fast and everyday I try to enjoy my kids and savor the moment.
Have a great day!

Sherril said...

I will be by time and again to visit your blog. Mine isn't about young children, though it may be from time to time. I would welcome your presence and comments.

Diane S. said...

I'm so glad Mr. Kyle's name was cleared. As I told you before, the teacher in San Antonio was summarily fired.

Sherril said...

As it turned out, Mr. Kyle is one of the most populat teachers in the school and that is because he is so dynamic in his teaching methods.
I wonder if in San Antonio, there was any sizable outcry against his being fired. Do you know?
Also, do you know of any way to not have to sign in to your own blog when respondint to comments? It seems so rediculous that I have to put in my username, password and the word verification...and IT'S MY BLOG!!!