Only In Israel

Last night we were at the outdoor mall called, "Big." I was standing outside of a store, minding my own business when suddenly the "guard", also standing outside by the door, said to me in Russian-accented Hebrew...
למה אני עומדט פה לבד בלי אשה יפה Why am I standing here alone without a beautiful woman?
He looked perfectly serious and directly at me and something in his expression seemed to suggest that maybe I was somehow at fault for his unfortunate dilemma. I shrugged and walked away. (I don't know, should I have tried to provide some answer? I guess I just don't know proper stranger etiquette.) Anyway,before I got too far, I stopped and turned around. A van pulled up in front of the store and a rather curvacious young thing, with painted on jeans that hugged her hips well below her bare midriff and belly button ring, climbed out of the van. My first thought was that, this being "the promised land and all" maybe she was god's answer to this man's query. But the girl, who could have passed for a rock singer's groupie, ignored the guard, practically running him over as she ran towards the store (it was past 10 PM at this point), and just as she bounded across the store's entryway, she stopped abruptly, for a split second, long enough to raise her right hand, gently touch the ever-present mezzuzah, kissing the spot on her fingers that touched the mezzuzah before, unconscientiously, continuing briskly on her way.
Only in Israel!


Diane S. said...

I commented on this last night, but my comment was eaten by the evil blog monster.

I think you should have told the guard that he was, indeed, standing there with a beautiful woman. He was with you! (Then again, I've never really mastered stranger etiquette either :^)

Sherril said...

תודה ראבה
Todah Rabah....Thank you very much.