I AM Rosie the Riveter

I must say for a 57 year old woman who has been living on her own for two years now, "I've come a long way baby". An hour ago, as I was putting in my contact lenses, necessitating pulling up the sink pop-up, in order to keep the water from running down the drain, should a contact lens accidentally fall into the water, a problem arose. The pop up got stuck in the down position and would not pop up. I was hungry and cranky, so I just left the water sitting in the sink, finished inserting my lenses and went on with the business of emptying grocery bags (cloth bags, may I add) and cooking something to eat for dinner. Having finished eating, cleaning up and turning on the dishwasher, I went into the bathroom and was immediately reminded of my Faulty Sink Pop-up Stopper problem. Feeling fed and less cranky, I decided to try to fix the problem. My first thought was to call some man in my life, or my daughter, to ask what to do. My second thought was to try to fix it myself. I Yahooed the problem and the site entitled, Faulty Sink Pop-up Stopper, fit the bill. It provided a picture of the parts of a sink under the counter, with several possible scenarios for causing the problem and probable fixes.

Long story short, the spring clip, which connects the pivot rod to the clevis, had become disengaged. I found it on the floor of the compartment under the sink. After examining the picture, I made several attempts to reconnect the spring clip, placing it in one hole in the clevis after another until I found the right hole that allowed the mechanism to work.



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Anonymous said...

Each thing we learn to do on our own sets us free!

Bravo on your plumbing success!

- Diane of the Unfound Door (Now defunct)

Sherril said...

My Dear Defunct Diane,

Every time I try to re-establish myself on this blog, it is you and only you, who supports my efforts. You're the best. Thanks.

Len Tower Jr. said...


next time i need a plumber,
i know who to call

; - }