Frustrated Writer Seeking... a Writers Coach?

I am a self-described "frustrated writer". I want to write. I like writing. I want to be read. But, what? What do I write and for whom?  Here's the problem. I don't have a story in me to tell, so I can't write a novel. I don't write poetry and I can not sing worth a damn, so I can't write songs. I am certainly not a journalist, so, obviously, I can't write for a newspaper, as if there were any future in newspaper journalism, anyway. So, what do I write and why would anyone want to read it?  I have this blog. Back in the day, I did share it with a small group of readers who commented and kept me motivated. In 2004 I had 64 blog entries. In 2011, I had 2. To my credit, I did start quite a few more, but they remain uncompleted. I need advice. 

They say, write what  you know. Well, like everyone, I know a lot of stuff. I've traveled extensively, especially in my younger days and I've kept scores of letters and several diaries. But, I was a teenager when I wrote those and doubt that they are valuable today as a source for written material. I have been in psycho-therapy for well over 10 years and I know a lot about myself and a lot about the process. I know a lot about making and keeping photo albums that chronologize a family's life, namely my own. I love theater and as a child did a bit of acting. I have in my possession over 100 Playbills that go as far back as the 1960's, so I guess I know something about theater. I'm an avid reader and I started a book club. These are some of the things I know  and could potentially write about, but to what end? I need advice.

I've worked for over 30 years with young children and I understand them well. I also developed a system of sorts for working as a Speech Therapist with babies and toddlers. I have wanted to somehow formalize, what I have referred to as "Speech and Language Routines" for the Very Young. I believe strongly that this is something that would be useful to educators and therapists coming into the field of Early Intervention. But, despite several attempts, I can not seem to make it happen. I need some help. I need advice. Maybe what I need is a partner in writing and development. But who? how? what?


There are life coaches. There are diet coaches. Are there Writers Coaches? 

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