The Books I Read in 2013

     I recently came upon a blog that got my attention, so much so, that I am going to try to copy what she accomplished. George Bernard Shaw said that "Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery - it's the sincerest form of learning." 

     Her blog is creatively called, Miss Informed (two words as opposed to misinformed, one word) and is written in scrabble letters (I have no idea how she did that, but I'd like to know). She read 44 books in 2013. She said she did so by consciously choosing to invest her time in reading instead of hanging out on Facebook and Netflix. I must admit to hanging out a lot on both and still my number of books for 2013 is a whopping 37, just 7 books shy of this well read college student. Not bad for an "old broad", aye? I have rated them from one * to five *s. Maybe I'll make this a yearly blog! I am only a year late in publishing this post. Better late than never, right? Read on:

Format: Audiobook CD ***

American dervish Author: Akhtar, Ayad. Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***1/2

Then Like The Blind Man: Orbie's Story Author: Owens, Freddie *****
Format: Kindle

Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ****

True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart Author: Hanh, Thich Nhat 
Format: Kindle ****

Cloud atlas: a novel Author: Mitchell, David Stephen Format: Book-Club *

Feast day of fools Author: James Lee Burke Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***

Gone Girl: A Novel Author: Flynn, Gillian Format: Kindle Book-Club ***

The English major Author: Harrison, Jim, Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ****

Author: Nicholas D. Kristof Format Book-Club ****

11 Let's explore diabetes with owls: essays, etc. Author: Sedaris, David.
Format: Audiobook CD ***

12 The Middlesteins Author: Attenberg, Jami. Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***

13 The light in the ruins Author: Bohjalian, Chris, Format: Audiobook unabridged CD **  

14 Plain truth Author: Jodi Picoult   Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***

15 The ten-year nap Author: Meg Wolitzer Format: Audiobook unabridged CD **

16 When will there be good news?: a novel Author: Kate Atkinson Format: Book *****

17 Astray Author: Donoghue, Emma, Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***

Author: Anderson, Suzanne Elizabeth Format: Kindle ***

19 Before I Go To Sleep Author: SJ Watson Format: Kindle ***

20 Landing: a novel Author: Donoghue, Emma Format: unabridged CD ***

21 Tell the wolves I'm home:Author: Carol Rifka Brunt Format: Book-Club ***

22 Case histories: a novel Author: Kate Atkinson   Format: Book **

23 Behind the scenes at the museum Author: Kate Atkinson Format: Book and Kindle ***

24 Bitter in the Mouth: A Novel Author: Truong, Monique Format: Kindle *****

25 Sing you home Author: Jodi Picoult Format: unabridged CD ***

26 The Middlesteins Author: Attenberg, Jami. Format: Audiobook unabridged CD ***

 27 Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend: A Novel Author: Dicks, Matthew Format: Kindle *****

28 The Confessions of Noa Weber: A Novel Author: Hareven, Gail Format: Kindle ***

29 The Kitchen House: A Novel Author: Grissom, Kathleen Format: Kindle ***1/2

30 Orphan Train: A Novel Author: Kline, Christina Baker Format: Kindle Book Club **1/2

Format: Book ***1/2

32 The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry Author: Joyce, Rachel. Format: Audiobook CD ****

33 The Love Of A Good Woman: Stories Author: Alice Munroe Format Kindle Book Club ***

34 The Book Thief Author: Zusak, Markus Format: Kindle (also Audiobook Jan. 2012) *****

35 The Sense of an Ending Author: Barnes, Julian.  Format: Audiobook unabridged CD (Jan) and Book (Dec.) ***

36The Signature of All Things Author: Gilbert, Elizabeth. Format: Audiobook (CD) ****

37And the Mountains Echoed Author: Hosseini, Khaled. Format: Audiobook unabridged CD Book Club ***

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