Cheney.....Quail.....Hunting...You Couldn't Invent This Stuff!

I must apologize prior to writing what I am about to write, but it is simply too good and god help me, too funny, to be true. Now, mind you, it was not so good nor funny for poor Mr. Harry Whittington, the 78 year old hunting buddy of VP Cheney, but it is a story better than any political satirist could possibly write.

Mr. Cheney, is out hunting quail at a south Texas ranch, when he turns towards a covey of birds, meaning to shoot one of them, and accidentally shoots his friend. Now, I am not the kind of person who laughs when someone gets hurt or goes to sit down, misses the chair and lands "squat" on his tush, but I simply can not tell this story or even think about it without giggling and this, I know, is not nice and I was brought up to be nice, and thus the aforementioned apology.

I mean, think about it..... our beloved Vice President is out hunting quail, as if he couldn't just go to the grocery store or better yet, a fine restaurant, and order up some of that quin·tes·sen·tial quail. But no, Mr. Cheney decides he needs to hunt and shoot himself a bird. Now, he may have decided to hunt wild turkeys or pheasants, but not today; today it was to be QUAIL (not to be mistaken for that other 1980's potatoe eating Quail).

So, he takes a friend along for the hunt because, one might assume, hunting is nothing, if not a bonding experience with ones friend. And, how better to bond than to, well, put plainly, to shoot ones friend. I mean talk about irony. Talk about satire. Talk about a self-made skit for Saturday Night Live or MAD TV or grist for the Jon Stewart mill! I mean, it just doesn't get any better.

Sorry, Mr Cheney and Mr. Wittington, I don't mean to make jokes at your expense. But in this case, I think, even you, can see the humor.


gmoke said...

Cheney didn't want to go to war as a soldier but he's probably been hunting most of his life. He especially likes quail hunting or so I've read. Whether he eats what he kills is another question altogether.

My sympathies to Mr Wittington.

Sherril said...

gsmoke....I am wondering two things. How did you find my blog> (I am thrilled that you did) and What do you mean by your comment?


Diane S. said...

If Cheney isn't eating his quail, he can mail it to me. But I think the really important lesson here is the one the NRA has been trumpeting for so long:

Guns don't hurt people. Vice presidents hurt people.

Linda said...

Cheney likes torture, enjoys killing animals, and shoots his friend. Consistent, isn't it?

Puma said...

All I can say is, I sure as hell wouldn't want to go deer-hunting with the dipshit.

Anonymous said...

Cheney wouldn't become a soldier, but will hunt quail. He found out that quail don't shoot back.

Anonymous said...


Noah said...

Brad Blog has another great article about this...check out his picture of "What Cheney was aiming at" and "What Cheney shot." Hilarious.

Sherril said...

Dear noah, anonymous, anonymous, Sarah, Diane (as always), and Gsmoke,
Thank you Thank you Thank you. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I've never had 7 comment before. I have visited all of your blogs and commented there also. I wish I knew who you two anonymous' are bcause I could K*I*S*S you all. And as for Cheney....well, I for one am still laughing, though I do feel bad for Mr. Wittington. Seems like besides for his minor heart attack, he hasn't a clue how he got in the middle of all this. That'll show him who NOT to go hunting with again, right Sarah?.

Once more THANKS to YOU ALL.