We Don't Need Castles in the Sky: Democratic Party Take Heed: # ONE PRIORITY

This is the email I sent to the Democratic Party today in response to their email requesting money for the important work they do, especially in trying to get more Democrats elected to the Senate and Congress in 2006.

I receive your emails and I take them seriously. But I am leary of sending money because I think the Democratic Party must begin to get its house in order, take a stand and stick to it. I received an email from MoveOn.org asking for my ideas in setting the agenda for the next few years and I will include it here. I want to add that the problem is not just leadership in the party, but also what the Democrats stand for. The Democrats are not putting out a strong and conclusive message nor a clear plan. We need to hear alteratives to what the Republicans say and do and we need them to be stated clearly with clear objectives and means of solving the problems. We all know what the problems are. Tell us once and for all what the solutions are and HOW you plan to achieve them. Once this is done, stick to the message. There has been way to much wishy-washy-ness and appeasement in the last several years.

Leadership means clarity and sticktuitiveness. Truly, the Democrats have not demonstrated either since Bill Clinton (I'm sure there would be those who would disagree with this assessment, but I believe Clinton came closer to this leadership role than any others we've seen in a long time). If you want donations from me and other like-minded people, consider what I have written, seiously. I know I am not alone in these opinions.

What we most need to accomplished and soon, is to come up with a Democratic leader who has a clearly defined message and agenda. We Progressives have nowhere to turn in the political system as it stands today. We need a leader who has the insight, foresight and progressive ideals to lead us toward a better, cleaner, more humane society. One hears over and over again that the Republicans are in major trouble, but the Democrats offer few good alternatives. Let's stop whining and complaining and rather act aggresively to find someone who can lead the Democrats to victory both in the Congress in 2006 and finally the Presidency in 2008. We don't need castles in the sky. What we do need is Leadership and Clearly Defined Goals. Change will not come without them.


Anonymous said...

This post is spot on. As we approach the midterm elections, the Democrats are in a prime position to recapture one or both houses of Congress. If they are successful, they must shift from being against Republicans, and for something.

The Mark Foley case suggests that perhaps they have rencently found a moral compass that did not exist in the 90's. Eight years ago, party leaders were supportive of their president when it came to light that he abused his position of power in order to have sex with a young student intern. They argued that even if the abuse was morally represhesible, no laws were broken. Morality didn't matter. Then, when the president broke the law and lied under oath to a grand jury, the legal standard was dropped. Lying under oath was ok, the laws not withstanding, if the subject was "just sex".

I applaud those Democrats who have seen the light and are condemning Mr. Foley. Like the incident of eight years ago, a powerful politician abused his position to exploit young and vulnerable students.

Unlike the incident of eight years ago however, this predator resigned instantly. And unlike the incident of eight years ago, the predator's party did not stage rallys in his support.

The outrage among Republicans at Mr. Foley has been universal, and some Republicans are even calling on the Speaker of the House to resign.

I applaud the Democrats for their new-found moral compass and are joining Republicans in condemming this kind of behavior. Perhaps this indicates a new dawn and tectonic shift in party values. And it may tip the scales in their favor this November.

By the way, you're right about Mr. Clinton, at least on some fronts. He did indeed show some leadership qualities. He signed Newt Gingrich's Welfare Reform Bill and NAFTA agreement. His admistration established official US policy of regime change in Iraq, which his successor exectuted on with the vote of endorsement of his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton. I applaud her for joining President Bush on the aircraft carrier ceremony giving the troops the congratulations they deserved for accomplishing their mission in record time, with incredible bravery.

Sherril said...

Wow! What I'm wondering is how you happened upon this post which I wrote 8 months ago. Your response came out of the blue for me, but I'm glad you responded all the same and hope you come back again, whoever you are.