The New Face of Fifty +

If you were born in '56
And find that time has done some tricks
You think that youth has passed you by
Simply saying the word, fifty, brings forth a cry.

Well then for you I have good news
Though true this age we did not choose.
We bring to it a lot that's new.
We're healthier, wealthier and feeling less blue.

So, here's my suggestion to make you feel hearty
Celebrate 50 by making a party.
No rhymiing words but nifty, thrifty and shifty.
But the point is that WE are the NEW FACE OF FIFTY.

I created this invitation for my party. You're welcome to borrow it or create your own. Just be sure to C*E*L*B*R*A*T*E


Ricardo said...

Very cool. I just wrote about a 50 year old woman that I'm in love with. And I think she's getting much better with age.

Sherril said...

Ah, Ricardo, then there's hope for me............

Ricardo said...

It's Susan Sarandon but yes, never give up hope.

Sherril said...

Ricardo..if you have never seen the movie White Palace, I highly recommned it to you. I related to that movie on many levels and it was one of my favorites when I saw it.

Ricardo said...

I will check it out. That's supposed to be a good one.

Sherril said...

Oh, you will like it. I can guarantee it.


Diane S. said...


Was it your birthday? And I missed it! I'm so sorry. Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!

The world is a better place for having you in it.

And like Susan Sarandon, women of substance always improve with age.

Sherril said...

Every blogger should have a cyber-friend like you. My birthday was/will be in October. I just wanted to remember the 50th Birthday Party that I threw myself and the Invitation I made to start it off.