Israel Trip - April 2006

Haim, David, Maurice Singing Blessings: "Baruch Atah Adonai..."

Please CLICK HERE to view all of my Israel Trip pics..


Ricardo said...

You and your daughter look lovely in the land of milk and honey. Great photos, thank you for sharing them.

Outside the Box said...
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Outside the Box said...


I swear I posted a comment a couple of days ago. Diane had commented first and then you replied to it.

Have I taken too much cough medicine?

Well, let me reiterate how impressed I am at your fortitude that must have been necessary to post all of these pics. I still have trouble posting more than one. (Ok, honestly, it's usually difficult posting just that one.)

I looked at every one of them. Thank you for making the effort to post them. I always love seeing other cultures.

Sherril said...

Yes, you are right Robert, there were other comments here. Hmm, I don't know what happened. I wonder if I could have inadvertently deleted them. You are not going crazy, you did respond before and I appreceiated both times. Huh, I just read above that the author deleted comments, which i guess is me. Oh boy...it's me going crazy in this blog land.