The March of the Gates in Central Park

Near the end of February 2005, I spent the day walking around Central Park in NYC, surrounded by varying shades of saffron and orange and watching the light change and glimmer as the sun played with these pieces of fabric. The biggest delight was in being amongst New Yorkers and others who were in the City to see this orange phenomenon, a gift given the city by the artists who made them, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who had no other agenda but to give delight to the people of New York City. And according to the cab driver who took me back to Port Authority, The Gates did just that. He said he had not seen so many smiling people in a long, long time. He said he's going to miss The Gates when they come down in just a few days and he's going to miss the atmosphere they helped create. What a colorful and wondrous day!

I come matching the colorful spirit of the day... Posted by Hello

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Dave said...

It's all a nice gift to NYC from well-meaning people, but do you really think having more public art is the way to achieve world peace? If only it were that easy!

Sherril said...

As I said, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, had no other agenda but to give delight to the people of New York City. For my part, I had just been reading some anti-war blogs and rather than contributing to the discussion via political opinions and such, I decided to go back to my post of Feb. '05 and somehow combine it with a bit of anti-war sentiment. The Gates and the war really have no connection at all. I just felt like connecting them, but mainly I wanted to organize my Gates pics on the blog. It truly was more than public art. It was a wondrous gift to a beautiful city and it btightened an otherwise gray month of the year in New York.