CLOSER than ENRON: Movie Reviews

I found this movie, Closer, to be first disturbing, second unique in its approach and third interesting, most interesting. It is about two women and two men and how and why they combine and love and don't. I know that Jude Law has been in many, many movies, but I think this is the first of his for me. He was good , but very unlikable. Natalie Portman came to my attention in the movie, The Garden State and I knew that she would be an actress whom I would follow. I really liked her in this movie. I found her hard not to watch and even harder not to like, even if she is not completely an up and up characher. Julia Roberts is of course a known entity anf I enjoyed her most in Mystic Pizza, Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman and especially Steel Magnolia. She was excellent in this movie, very different than in most of her others. Clive Owen was completely new to me. I'd seen one of his movies, Gosford Park, but I don't remember him in it. He is, however, most memorable in this movie. I won't go any deeper into details, other than to say, pay attention to a small detail concerning Natalie Portman's name in the movie. I recommend seeing Closer.

I'm thinking if I called Closer disturbing, then I have to call Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, DISTRESSING, DISQUIETING, UNSETTLING, DISCOURAGING, DISHEARTENING, DISMAYING, DISPIRITING and mostly DISGUSTING!!!!

If Ken Lay's death left you with any sympathy for him, I admonish you to watch this movie. The Enron fiasco represents what is disgraceful in this country where Capitalism, at it's worst, is concerned. And besides for all the rest, what a waste of brains, talent and ambition. Oh, and if you had any sympathy for those who are currently running our government, watch this movie and it will remind you why you shouldn't.

The movie (documentary) is quite long and sometimes it was beyond me regarding the worlds of finances, traders, and big business, but I recommend it all the same.


Ricardo said...

Didn't see the ERON one but caught Closer. My rabbi knew Natalie Portman as a kid because she was friends with his daughter. Small world huh?

PS - Now there's a nice Jewish girl I'd like to get to know.

Clay said...

The economics of our present day society have a lot to be desired. When stocks plunge wealth is not destroyed, only transferred...... and yes, the small investor always takes the kick in the pants for it. Check out the "Brief History of Banking" section of this link for a crash course in brain surgery on how crooked the world banking cartels are and how they influence and manipulate everything around us.

Sherril said...

Hey, can you see if your rabbi can get me a part in Natalie's next film?

As I said on "Following My Footsteps", Welcome to my blog. I have seen you and your comments on Ricardo's blog as well as some others and enjoyed reading them. You do seem to have a lot of different pictures to go with Clay. As for your input on Enron and the article on Banking, I must admit that I feel out of my league. I bookmarked the site, but I need lessons to read the lessons. Business and banking and finances are just not my forte. I do wish I understood it all more. I am not even sure what a cartel is?? (as in "how crooked the world banking cartels are and how they influence and manipulate everything around us.") So, any information you wish to share with me to enlighten me in the simplest ways possible, I'm all ears (or eyes, as it is).

Larry said...

The people responsible for Enron map have been capitalists, but mostly they were crooks. Some capitalists will always be crooks. On the other hand, socialists are always crooks, spending that whcih they did not create.