Newark, NJ Like You Never Knew it: PHILIP ROTH'S NEWARK TOUR - 10/23/05

Back in October, the 23rd to be exact, my sister and I attended a fascinating bus tour of Newark, NJ, basically through the eyes, or better put, the words of the well know author, Phillip Roth. The tour was cosponsored by The Newark Preservation and Landmark Committee and our synagogue, Ahavas Sholom in Newark (which is where the tour begins).

Roth was born in Newark at Beth Israel Hospital on March 19, 1933. He was the son of American born parents and grandson of European Jews who were part of the 19th century wave of immigrants to the US. . Much of what comes off as "place" in his novels comes directly from his years lived in this 2-family framed house from his birth 1933 till 1942.

It was a fascinating day, made moreso by the appearance of Roth himself at his boyhood home to commemorate a plaque in his honor.

The tour can be seen by clicking on title above.

What a day!! Enjoy....


Avery said...

I love this site. Thanks for all you do - and did - to support my campaign. I am very proud to know you. Avery

Diane S. said...

What a gorgeous Synagogue!