Wilson Pickett....Farewell

Is it coincidence or Serendipity? I am sitting at my desk, responding to emails, NPR's, All Thing's Considered is playing in the background and I am vaguely aware of hearing the song, Land Of A Thousand Dances. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, which is otherwise occupied with what I am reading, I half hear a report about the death of Wilson Pickett. Minutes later, when I have switched off NPR and clicked on my iTune library of songs, five songs down the list, once again, Land Of A Thousand Dances is playing through my speakers. I check on the artist and it is, of course, Wilson Pickett. Perhaps that doesn't sound like something to write home about to you, but to me it seemed like a very big coincidence.

What was the likelihood of this song coming up on my iTunes list? Land of A Thousand Dances is not a song you hear on a regular basis. It is in fact mainly one of those songs, like Celebrate Good Times, that one is familiar with from Bar Mitzvahs and other such celebrations. Well, anyway, the point is that this bit of serendipity caused me to stop a moment and pay my respects to another member of my generation (he's ten years older, but I think that counts as my generation, right?) who has left my baby- boom world. I will proceed to the iTunes Music Shop and do what has become my new way of honoring the passing of
singers, i.e. pay my 99 cents of respect by purchasing a Wilson Pickett song, other than
Land of A Thousand Dances.

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Diane S. said...

I didn't hear until I watched the evening news. What a loss!